About NEDO DRIVEtheARC Project & EV Co-Driver

Kanematsu is developing the state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) navigation mobile app for EV drivers in the U.S. The NEDO DRIVEtheARC Project is to encourage more drivers to easily use EVs without worry or stress. DRIVEtheARC is a collaborative demonstration project between Japan, the U.S., and the State of California to encourage the use of EVs and help California meet higher energy and environmental standards through the expansion of an inter-city charging network and real-time information services.

ARC stands for “Advanced Recharging Corridor” that reflects the project route shape on the map: An arch spanning from Monterey to Lake Tahoe. Project partners aim to help EV drivers reach their destination through the charging stations, allowing them to “Drive the ARC” -surf-to-ski, emission free.

About DRIVEtheARC Project Partners

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

NEDO has been pursuing this demonstration project which aims to expand use of electric vehicles (EVs) and their trip distance through the expansion of an inter-city charging network with real-time information services in California since 2015. NEDO is Japan’s largest public R&D management organization. It was established as a semi-governmental organization in 1980 to promote the development and introduction of new energy technologies. Since its establishment, NEDO has undertaken technology development and conducted demonstration projects with the mission of addressing energy and global environmental problems, and enhancing industrial technology.


Kanematsu Corporation

Kanematsu supplies various products and services in a wide range of businesses through its four segments: Electronics & Devices, Foods & Grain, Steel, Materials & Plant and Motor Vehicles & Aerospace. For more information on Kanematsu’s businesses and services, at http://www.kanematsu.co.jp/en

Kanematsu Corporation, a major Japanese trading company having 130 years of history, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. By multiplying business networks in Japan and overseas with their vast experience in general trading, information-gathering, market cultivation, business incubation and project-forming, risk management and logistics, Kanematsu is committed to creating new businesses as a Value Creator.


EVgo Services LLC

EVgo is the nation’s largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles, and the first to be powered by 100% renewable energy. With more than 800 fast charging locations in 66 markets across 34 states, EVgo owns and operates the most public fast charging locations in the U.S. and serves more than 200,000 customers. Founded in 2010, EVgo has been leading the way on transportation electrification, partnering with automakers, fleet and rideshare operators, retail hosts like hotels, shopping centers, gas stations, and parking lot operators, and other stakeholders to deploy advanced charging technology to expand network availability and make it easier for all Americans to take advantage of the benefits of driving an EV.

To find out more, or to join the EVgo network, download our app, visit EVgo.com, and follow EVgo on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.